AMAC sponsored Panel Discussion on Replacing Obamacare

Weber-Cook-Cannon-RodrigueOn Monday, April 11, 2016 AMAC held a panel discussion in the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform room in Washington D.C., offering a practical solution to replace Obamacare. The panel led by AMAC’s President Dan Weber, along with Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute, a national known expert on Health Care, Eileen Cook, AMAC’s Lead Healthcare Analyst and Craig Rodrique, owner of CSR and Associates and a national known speaker on healthcare reform.

Weber opened the panel discussion with the current state of healthcare in this country, i.e. insurance premiums are higher than ever, less competition in the Marketplace, smaller provider networks, etc.…. Cannon continued in how he sees HSA’s (Health Savings Accounts) being the cornerstone of healthcare in America and with a plan comparison provided by AMAC showed how a family of four could save not only on their healthcare but increase their savings as well.

Rodrique gave his expertise in working with the current law and where it has failed and how it can be replaced to lower premiums and encourage competition in the Marketplace.

Cook shared her knowledge on how hospitals are reimbursed and what programs are available for those individuals that cannot afford their medical bills.

Weber-Rodrigue-Conference room-AMAC logoThe panel fielded questions from an audience of Congressional and Senatorial aides and Washington lobbyist. The attendees left with healthcare resource book outlining not only AMAC’s replacement plan but other leading healthcare experts’ recommendations for replacing Obamacare.